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French Polish and Restoration Services in Clapham Junction

At Restoration Antiques Modern, we’re more than happy to restore the former glow of your old antiques. We always tailor our services to match your needs, so contact us today.

French Polishing

French polishing is a technique that originates from the late 1700s, and is commonly used for achieving a deep and rich sheen on wooden furniture. It’s a very specific process that requires many years' experience to master and perfect. However, at Restoration Antiques Modern, we’re incredibly proud to say that we’re both qualified and experienced enough to French polish your furniture to achieve a beautiful finish. Additionally, the duration of the process depends on the nature of your furniture, meaning that it can take anywhere between days or weeks to achieve the desired finish. For more details about our French polishing services, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Art Restoration

Artwork can be accidentally damaged in a number of ways, but our specialist team uses an extensive range of conservation methods to help repair your art. Most importantly, we can help safely amend these damages without compromising on the quality of the artwork. Tears and rips can look very alarming and concerning, but at Restoration Antiques Modern, we can fully repair most damages. So in case an accident occurs, you can call us immediately. Our non-invasive methods are also barely visible to the average onlooker, so you can be assured that your painting will look good as new.

Antique Furniture Repairs

At Restoration Antiques Modern, we use a combination of traditional techniques and the latest technology to restore your product back to its former glory. Whether it’s chairs, chests, dining tables or sofas, we’ll repair your furniture while preserving its integrity. Due to our experience and expertise, we’re also able to conduct a number of structural repairs, such as mending loose joints or broken drawer runners.

For more details about our French polishing services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today by calling 07916 62585.
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